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Our Story


Food is our common ground; it is the common language by which we can tell our stories and experience new ones.

From our quaint village in the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico to the ever-growing Round Lake Community, we’ve never forgotten where we’ve come from and where we are now. Our food tells not only the story of our family, but the story of so many others who have ventured into an unknown world in search of better opportunities. Our food pays homage to our family’s roots and the diverse experiences this new country has afforded us by blending classic American and European recipes with a traditional Mexican menu.

We do this for a chance to give our customers an opportunity to enjoy the time they spend with their friends and family to the fullest. We do this to share a common story with those we’ve met and build one with those we have yet to meet.

We hope you enjoy our story as much as we’ve enjoyed living it.

Thank You and Buen Provecho!

-The Don Luis Catering Family

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Our Menu

From Barbacoa to Chicken Milanese to Pozole, our food is familiar and comforting.
Nothing pretentious about it; just simple, good food. The way it should be!

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